About the Book

Have you ever wondered: Is there a book in me?

The Book Itch is the first book ever written to help you quickly answer that question.

Adam Witty (a publisher of business books) and Allen Fahden (an expert in helping people and groups work in their strengths) have teamed up to help you navigate the rough waters of book writing.
In The Book Itch, you will learn:

  • How to write the right book before you start writing – the smarter you start, the better you finish
  • How to make writing a book pay off – good things happen to people who write the right book
  • Right Role, Right Teammates – high performing teams combine people of different strengths. Determine what teammates you need on your “book team”
  • Your Author Score – a 3-minute quiz that quickly tells you if you “have what it takes” to be an author
  • Your “ITCH” Score – a 3-minute quiz that tells you what teammates you need to get your book finished

Best of all, The Book Itch is short, sweet, and right to the point! Witty and Fahden agreed that they would only write a book that can easily be read in a 1-hour airplane flight or less.

The Book Itch will help you make smart decisions about your book before you ever write it.